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Bridge Loan

A bridge loan is a form of short-term loan that is often obtained for a duration of 2 weeks to 3 years while larger or longer-term financing is being arranged.

Hard Money

A hard money loan is a particular kind of asset-based loan financing whereby a borrower obtains money backed by real estate private investors.

Stated Income

A stated income loan does not require checking the borrower’s pay stubs, W-2 forms, income tax returns, or other documents to confirm their income.

Why Private Capital Lenders?



We offer loan services to purchase your desired property at a competitive rate.

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We will help refinance your current loan with better rates and terms within two weeks.



We offer more loan services to suit your needs. We work day and night to offer the best services.


Specialized agents

Each client will work with a specialized agent to assist with questions and form submissions throughout the entire process.


24/7 Support

We are proud to offer 24/7 support to our clients, because we know how frustrating it can be to not receive immediate communication.


Transparent Solutions

We firmly standby the solutions we provide for our clients. By identifying the best and possible outcome for the clients interest.

Serving Nationwide

we offer our services nationally

Years Experience
$250m+ Lent out
Over 300+ Loans Closed

Client Testimonials

“Considering how hard it is in this market with buying a home or business with the interest rates going up, they really helped us with the best interest rate.”
Bridge Loan
“They were an absolute pleasure to work with. Simplicity is key, when finalizing a business transaction. In our current market, where interest rates are high, they was able to explain in detail what the best option was for us.”
Bridge Loan
“I was in a very difficult financial situation, I was not interested in using a hard money loan due to the controversial things I heard. I was referred to them from a friend and I am glad I did. They answered all of my questions and made it clear for me to understand all the types of loans I would be able to qualify for.”
Bridge Loan
“Private capital lenders are great! We needed a bridge loan for a new property we were buying. Martin did an amazing job at explaining everything in detail and there were no surprises. They handled my request both professionally and quickly. Highly recommend!”
Bridge Loan
“They explained all the loan options available and which one would best fit my needs. They responded quickly and always followed up! Great customer service!”
Bridge Loan
“So grateful for Private Capital Lenders. As a small business owner it’s been hard to stay afloat with all the economic changes. I almost had to shut down my business but they were able to work with me.”
Bridge Loan

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